Clean Air Now was founded in 1969 to publicize the health effects of air pollution and to promote clean air strategies. Clean Air Now is unique - it conducts educational programs as well as projects that demonstrate ways to improve air quality. These programs and projects make a significant positive impact on the air quality in Southern California.

In 1991 Clean Air Now adopted as its primary program the advocacy of clean, renewable hydrogen energy technologies.  CAN continues this work along with its air quality policy advocacy.  See the Projects and Programs section of our website for more information.
Clean Air Now’s Federal Identification Number (FIN) is:  33-0087555
Clean Air Now is on the California State Attorney General’s (916.445.2021) Registry of Charitable Trusts. 
Clean Air Now’s State Charity Registration Number is:  013316
Dr. Robert M. Zweig - Our Clean Air Visionary
1925 – 2002
Learn more about CAN's new Clean Air Challenge air quality curriculum being used across the country.
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